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Delivered Talk on ‘Application Virtualiz

Delivered Talk on ‘Application Virtualization’

I just came back after delivering presentation on ‘Application Virtualization’ during ‘Clouding Computing & Virtualization‘ summit at NITK Surathkal, one of the premiere engineering institute in India.  It was great moment for me to deliver the talk at my own college after 6 years of passing out from here. The event was organized as educational […]

Password Secrets of Popular Windows Appl...

Password Secrets of Popular Windows Applications

Here is the new article explaining  about password secrets of some of the popular applications.  It is going to explain about the password locations, storage techniques and encryption mechanism used by these applications. This application list has all category of applications such as Internet Browsers, Email Clients, Instant Messengers etc.  Some of prominent applications include […]

FirePasswordViewer Crossed 50K Download ...

FirePasswordViewer Crossed 50K Download Mark

FirePasswordViewer has crossed 50,000 downloads and it is the first tool from to achieve this feat. FirePasswordViewer is the GUI version of popular FirePassword tool to recover stored sign-on passwords from Firefox.  Like other browsers, Firefox also stores the login details such as username, password for every website visited by the user at the […]

FireMasterLinux – Linux Port of FireMast

FireMasterLinux – Linux Port of FireMaster is on the Show

FireMasterLinux is the Linux port of popular FireMaster tool, an initiative by the elite members of  “rainbowsandpwnies” security group.  The team is headed byBroseidon along with fellow members. Currently base version of project is ready for Linux with the support for brute force password recovery. FireMaster is the first ever built tool to recover the […]

Book of the Month – SQL Injection Attack

Book of the Month – SQL Injection Attacks and Defense

SQL Injection is one of the most popular web attacks that the security world has ever witnessed since the evolution of Internet. Till date it remains one of the less understood vulnerability from web security perspective as indicated by growing number of SQL injection attacks. In this direction, this book is set to clear apart […]