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Released RemoteDLL v2 – Simple ...

Released RemoteDLL v2 – Simple Tool to Inject or Remove DLL from Remote Process

Finally I am happy to write this post on the mega version of RemoteDLL. It took me around 5 years to bring this new version of RemoteDLL with all those envisioned features. I was more excited when it worked just right on Windows 8 inspite of changes around DLL structure, thanks to cut back mechanism […]

Released New Miranda Password Recover...

Released New Miranda Password Recovery Tool

MirandaPasswordDecryptor is the FREE software to instantly recover account passwords stored by Miranda. This is another new tool in our series of Password-Recovery tools specifically targeted for popular messengers. . Miranda is open source based Messenger which has become more popular in the recent times. It is universal messenger which supports multiple IM protocols including […]

DigsbyPasswordDecryptor : New Passwor...

DigsbyPasswordDecryptor : New Password Recovery Tool for Digsby IM

DigsbyPasswordDecryptor is the new password recovery software to instantly recover all stored account passwords by Digsby. Digsby is one of the popular instant messenger of recent times with IM client, Email Notification & Social Networking all in one software. Digsby has a multi protocol IM client that lets you chat with all your friends on […]

Next Version of IMPasswordDecryptor t...

Next Version of IMPasswordDecryptor to Feature 3 more Messengers

IMPasswordDecryptor is the FREE software to instantly recover stored passwords from most of the popular instant messengers. Most of the messengers have the auto-login feature which requires the user account information including password to be saved for subsequent logins. In this direction, IMPasswordDecryptor helps in recovering such stored passwords for popular instant messengers. . Update […]

Beware of Fresh Gmail Password Phishi...

Beware of Fresh Gmail Password Phishing Scam

Today morning as I was scrawling through my Gmail box, I got stunned for a moment…after reading that my Gmail account will be suspended !  Then I calm down myself after realizing that it was just fresh Phishing attempt to hook Gmail accounts. Generally Gmail filters out such emails and it is been long time, […]

Releasing New Tool IMPasswordDecrypto...

Releasing New Tool IMPasswordDecryptor on

Finally I am much relieved to write this post which I have been waiting for more than a month. As this tool was exclusively meant for our new portal, PasswordAnalytics, I had to hold myself for the ground to be ready. Now with the launch of PasswordAnalytics, our much awaited password recovery tool, IMPasswordDecryptor is […]

Launched Our New Portal, PasswordAnal...

Launched Our New Portal,

Finally we have made it after missing all the deadlines that we have set for our self, but finally its there. We have been announcing on the Twitter and other social channels since quite long but for one or other reason it got postponed. We just wanted to make it better rather than making it […]

Released ChromePasswordDecyrptor v2.0...

Released ChromePasswordDecyrptor v2.0 for Latest Chrome Version

ChromePasswordDecyrptor is the Free tool to recover login passwords from Google Chrome browser. It automatically detects the login database file used by Chrome based on the version and recovers all the stored passwords. Chrome earlier used to store the passwords in a Sqlite database file called ‘Web Data’ . But with recent version it has […]

Released StreamArmor 1.1

Released StreamArmor 1.1

StreamArmor 1.1 is out now with couple of bug fixes and few other changes related to minor enhancements. StreamArmor is the sophisticated tool for discovering hidden alternate data streams (ADS) as well as clean them completely from the system. It’s advanced auto analysis coupled with online threat verification mechanism makes it the best tool available […]

Detecting ‘Slow Dll Hijacking&#...

Detecting ‘Slow Dll Hijacking’ Vulnerability using DllHijackAuditor

‘Dll Hijack’ vulnerability is one of the recently highlighted critical security issue affecting most of the popular Windows applications. Every day researchers are discovering more and more applications which are vulnerable to various forms of ‘Dll Hijacking’ and at the same time attackers have started exploiting these vulnerable applications. . In that event, we had […]