Here is the new article explaining  about password secrets of some of the popular applications.  It is going to explain about the password locations, storage techniques and encryption mechanism used by these applications.

This application list has all category of applications such as Internet Browsers, Email Clients, Instant Messengers etc.  Some of prominent applications include Firefox,  IE,  Chrome, GTalk, Trillion, Pidgin, Digsby, Outlook, Thunderbird, AIM, Paltalk, Picasa etc.

In today’s Internet driven world, all of use one or other applications starting from browsers, mail clients to instant messengers. Most of these applications store the sensitive information such as user name, password in their private location using proprietary methods.But most applications use simple methods or rather obscure methods to store the credentials which can easily put your privacy in jeopardy as any spyware on your system can easily uncover these secrets.

In this context, this article is going to throw a light on those dark regions by exposing the secret storage location and encryption mechanism used by most popular applications. It is also going to present the pointers on how one can uncover such passwords using the tools available today.

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