I just came back after delivering presentation on ‘Application Virtualization’ during Clouding Computing & Virtualization summit at NITK Surathkal, one of the premiere engineering institute in India.  It was great moment for me to deliver the talk at my own college after 6 years of passing out from here.

The event was organized as educational program for faculty from leading institutes and research scholars across India.  Many speakers from reputed companies such as VMWare,  HP,  IBM, Infosys, Wipro spoke during the event on various topics surrounding ‘Clouding computing and Virtualization’

Download: Presentation Slides of my talk on Application Virtualization

My talk was organized on the first day itself after key note presentation on ‘cloud computing’ by Dr.Badrinath from HP. I started with cloud computing and explained how virtualization can help in improving security on the cloud.  Then I drifted down to application virtualization, starting with basics, then covering how it works and what one must know to implement his own app virtualization solution.  The presentation was more technical and practical oriented so that it will help research grads in their work.  Finally I explained app virtualization technologies from VMWare’s  ThinApp and Spoon.net followed by demo on both of these technologies.   I just flicked the demo videos from YouTube,  below are the links for the same.

How to virtualize App using VMWare’s ThinApp

Quick Introduction to Spoon.Net

I also covered on how App Virtualization helps in improving the host-security by making it safer to run vulnerable application. One of the surprising factor was the questions from alert audiences.  Though it was post lunch session,  the audience were awake and asked lot of good questions which I had least expected.

Overall,  it was one of my good interactive presentation and I really enjoyed speaking at the stage where I used to listen to other speakers  during my college days …