Spamming is most common thing today and its ardent task for any internet based application such as blogs, social networking sites to filter them out. Though these apps are doing good job but still spammers are coming with new ways to bypass these filters. Spams are getting more n more natural day by day which is making spam filtering a daunting task.

Recently I have got couple of comments posted on the recent blog post ‘Now Recover Picasa 3 Password Using New GooglePasswordDecryptor’.  These comments looked normal, though not fully related to blog post.   Some of them were like this,

‘I use both Picassa and Flickr for sharing photos over the internet but i use Flickr more often than Picassa.*:*’

Flicker is really great when sharing photos over friends and families. I love the resize feature of Flickr.;-’’

I was about to approve this comment as it was related but then I just observed the website link which  looked normal at a first glance.  But on visiting the website link I found that it was pointing to some empty website with just ‘cgi-bin’ directory within it.   Even the website link (though different)  associated with other comment also had same blank content.  It is possible that these sites may have hosted malware or drive by downloads at one point of time but must have been removed later on. Another possibility may that author is testing his latest spam creations 🙂

Not surprisingly these smart spams have even escaped default Akismet filter which is popular spam filter plugin for WordPress blog sites.

These comments looks normal but little odd as they appeared to be related to above blog post but no where relevant. Also if you look at second comment, it does not contain word Picasa, but has a related word flicker which is alternative photo sharing portal.  Certainly spams have gone advanced by delivering smart content dynamically.

Nevertheless the battle between good and evil continues, but remember good and bad is one’s perception…!