SQL Injection is one of the most popular web attacks that the security world has ever witnessed since the evolution of Internet. Till date it remains one of the less understood vulnerability from web security perspective as indicated by growing number of SQL injection attacks.

In this direction, this book is set to clear apart those short comings and present real facts about the insecurities surrounding the  SQL Injection.

Here is the table of contents…

Chapter 1: What is SQL Injection?
Chapter 2: Testing for SQL Injection
Chapter 3: Reviewing Code for SQL Injection
Chapter 4: Exploiting SQL Injection
Chapter 5: Blind SQL Injection Exploitation
Chapter 6: Exploiting the Operating System
Chapter 7: Advanced Topics
Chapter 8: Code-Level Defenses
Chapter 9: Platform-Level Defenses
Chapter 10: References

The book starts with describing various SQL Injection attack scenarios from different angles covering multiple operating systems. Also it covers different type of SQL Injection attacks in detail which makes it easy to understand. Rest of the book deals with defenses at different level, starting from development to deployment. Chapter 8 explains static analysis of code using the tools for identifying and preventing SQL injection vulnerabilities at the root itself.  Chapter 9 focuses on putting up defenses on different operating systems and for various type of databases including MsSQL, MySQL, Oracle etc.

Compared to any of the books produced so far, this book does real justice to the subject by comprehensively explaining both sides of the game, the attacking & defending against the SQL injection.

Written by the experts the book covers from basic to advanced levels and it is highly recommended for any one involved in the web security.

Ebook Linkhttp://rs59.rapidshare.com/files/293360186/1597494240.pdf