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DLL Hijacking Exploit – All at One Plac

The web is full of recent DLL Hijacking Exploit after HDMoore and other security researchers have reported about numerous Windows applications suffering  from these flaws.  Here I have decided to put together simple version with all the relevant links at one place so that one gets the complete picture. . What is DLL Hijacking Vulnerability […]

Book of the Month – SQL Injection Attack

Book of the Month – SQL Injection Attacks and Defense

SQL Injection is one of the most popular web attacks that the security world has ever witnessed since the evolution of Internet. Till date it remains one of the less understood vulnerability from web security perspective as indicated by growing number of SQL injection attacks. In this direction, this book is set to clear apart […]

SpyDLLRemover : Detect & Delete Spywares

SpyDLLRemover : Detect & Delete Spywares From The System

My new tool, SpyDLLRemover is released on the RootkitAnalytics website. This tool helps in detecting and deleting userland based rootkits which hide the processes and injected modules to prevent their detection from antirootkit softwares. Here is the snapshot of SpyDLLRemover detecting the hidden process belonging to HackerDefender Rootkit. Here is another snapshot of SpyDLLRemover detecting […]