This book is essential for anyone who is into software development to understand the basic security flaws as well as detect & eliminate them during the early development phase of the product itself.  It offers detailed coverage on 19 crucial security flaws each explained in separate chapters.

The book covers following 19 security flaws in each chapter.

  • Buffer overruns.
  • Format string problems.
  • Integer overflows.
  • SQL injection.
  • Command injection.
  • Failure to handle errors.
  • Cross-site scripting.
  • Failure to protect network traffic.
  • Use of magic URLs and hidden forms.
  • Improper use of SSL.
  • Use of weak password-based systems.
  • Failure to store and protect data securely.
  • Information leakage.
  • Trusting network address resolution.
  • Improper file access.
  • Race conditions.
  • Unauthenticated key exchange.
  • Failure to use cryptographically strong random numbers.
  • Poor usability.

In each of the chapter authors explain the nature of the sin, sample defect example, techniques for catching it during code review, unit test cases and additional defenses to make the exploitation harder. Code examples are written in most commonly used languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Perl, VB etc and on all popular platforms including Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS X. This makes it, one of those rare books covering such crucial topic spreading to wide range of audiences.

Written by prominent authors, entire book is filled with rich technical code samples which make it more insightful and valuable resource for all coders out there.

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