BHO stands for Browser Helper Objects which are plugins written for Internet Explorer to enhance its capabilities. But this feature is being misused by spyware programs which monitor user’s browsing habits and silently steal the users credentials. Also some of the BHO’s slow down the system considerably.

BHORemover helps in quick identification and elimination of such malicious BHO’s from the system.

Latest version of BHORemover makes it even easier for quick identification between legitimate and malicious ones by providing the option for online verification of BHO file using One can also view more details about the BHO by clicking on the ‘properties’ button. In addition to this, the new sorting mechanism makes it easy to sort the entries based on various parameters such as name, company, install date etc. For example, sorting by date will help in quickly finding out the newly installed BHOs, thus saving lot of analysis time.

Along with all these features, the new enhanced look & feel make it cool and light tool for keeping the system away from malicious BHOs.

For more details on BHORemover and downloading this tool, visit the main website.