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Advanced Malware Analysis Training Se...

Advanced Malware Analysis Training Session 2 – Botnet Analysis

Here is the quick update on this month’s Local Security meet (SX/Null/G4H/owasp) where Amit Malik delivered a superb session on analysis of Botnets with practical case study. This is part of our FREE ‘Advanced Malware Analysis Training’ series started from Dec 2012. In this session Amit Malik explained various advanced stealth techniques including command & […]

Reversing Training Session Part 13 &#...

Reversing Training Session Part 13 – Future Roadmap

Here is the quick update on this month’s Local Security meet (SX/Null/G4H/owasp). This is part of our ongoing FREE ‘Reversing & Malware Analysis Training’ started since our Jan 2012.   This session, the last one of our current training series,  put forth what all we have covered so far, what we will be doing at […]

Released New Tool – Linkedin Pa...

Released New Tool – Linkedin Password Decryptor

Linkedin Password Decryptor is the free tool to instantly recover Linkedin passwords from all the popular web browsers. Currently it supports Linkedin password recovery from following browsers Internet Explorer Firefox Google Chrome Flock Browser Apple Safari Opera Browser It has both GUI and command line interface. Command-line is useful for automation and will come handy […]

Released New Tool – Show Window...

Released New Tool – Show Windows

Show Windows is the command-line tool to manage Windows opened by all running processes on your system. With current version of ‘Show Windows’ you can do following things, View all open Windows/Apps Windows opened by particular User Windows opened by particular Process Search for Windows with specified Title Close the Window Kill the selected Process […]

CLUBHACK 2012 – 6th Edition

CLUBHACK 2012 – 6th Edition

Team ClubHack proudly brings you the 6th edition of Hacking and Security Conference with more exciting activities. ClubHack 2012 Highlights Highly Technical Conference with 2 days of Technical Briefings and 2 days of hand-on training workshops. HackNight – A complete night-out of making new products/plugins/modules/scripts, etc. Specialized hands-on training workshop for Network Admins, DBAs, Developers, […]

5 Million Downloads

5 Million Downloads

5 years –  90+ Tools –   5 Million Downloads That’s the short and sweet message of the day. Here’s more. Today it is one of the proud moment for all of us at SecurityXploded as we hit upon 5 Million+ downloads worldwide. It wasn’t easy journey but it was fun to live upto this special […]

Released New Tool – Network Dat...

Released New Tool – Network Database Scanner

Network Database Scanner is the free software to remotely detect the type of Database services running on the network system. It can help you to scan single or multiple systems on your internal network or on the Internet. Current version supports following popular Database Services, MySQL MSSQL Oracle DB2 PostgreSQL It uses smart timer based […]

Cyber Intelligence Asia 2013

Cyber Intelligence Asia 2013

Intelligence-Sec is gearing up for their first inaugural Cyber Intelligence Asia event in early 2013. With an increase in cyber-attacks over the last few years, globally, it has become critical for organizations and government departments to protect themselves from any cyber attempt on their critical infrastructure. With this in mind Cyber Intelligence Asia will be […]

Released New Tool – FTP Passwor...

Released New Tool – FTP Password Kracker

Here comes our new tool – FTP Password Kracker – a free software to help you in recovering the lost FTP password. It uses universal FTP protocol and can recover password from any FTP server. Another cool feature is that it can auto detect Anonymous connections supported by the target FTP server. Also if your […]

Launching SecurityPhresh Beta Edition

Launching SecurityPhresh Beta Edition

Here comes our new SecurityPhresh Beta edition. Since last couple of months we have been actively working on it.  Here are some of the highlights, Redesigned Back-end Engine At the forefront was the fully automated back-end engine which was completely redesigned from scratch and Amit did very fine job in bringing it up in short […]