Intelligence-Sec is gearing up for their first inaugural Cyber Intelligence Asia event in early 2013.

With an increase in cyber-attacks over the last few years, globally, it has become critical for organizations and government departments to protect themselves from any cyber attempt on their critical infrastructure. With this in mind Cyber Intelligence Asia will be taking place at the heart of the Asia-Pacific, in Kuala Lumpur, where vast amounts of effort has been made to protect critical infrastructure from cyber-attacks.

This conference will bring together senior cyber strategists from the public and private sector to discuss the challenges they face on a daily basis. Important issues such as Critical infrastructure, Digital forensics, Threat investigations will be the highlight of the event.

Here are the event details
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dates: 12-15 March 2013

SecurityXploded is official media partner of ‘Cyber Intelligence Asia’ and will bring forth greater awareness to the event.

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