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SpyDLLRemover : Detect & Delete Spywares

SpyDLLRemover : Detect & Delete Spywares From The System

My new tool, SpyDLLRemover is released on the RootkitAnalytics website. This tool helps in detecting and deleting userland based rootkits which hide the processes and injected modules to prevent their detection from antirootkit softwares. Here is the snapshot of SpyDLLRemover detecting the hidden process belonging to HackerDefender Rootkit. Here is another snapshot of SpyDLLRemover detecting […]

Book of the Month : The Shellcoder’s Han

Book of the Month : The Shellcoder’s Handbook

This is one of the best book written on most complex and interesting topics of computer security, ‘Discovering and Exploiting Security Holes’. It starts with explanation of different classes of security vulnerabilities such as stack overflows, heap overflows and format string bugs. Then it goes on describing the techniques to discover these flaws and then […]

ProcHeapViewer : Faster way to enumerate...

ProcHeapViewer : Faster way to enumerate process heaps

ProcHeapViewer is a fast heap enumeration tool which uses better technique than normal Windows heap API functions. Its very useful tool for anyone involved in analyzing process heaps. Vulnerability researchers can find it useful while working on heap related vulnerabilities. Traditional Windows heap enumeration functions are slower and takes lot of time while traversing large […]