ProcHeapViewer 2.1, is a tool to scan process heaps now comes with integrated search feature which makes it easy to find ascii as well as unicode strings within the heap blocks.

Also this new version has better user interface which not only gives it cool look & feel but makes it easy to use.

The powerful aspect of this tool is that it scans process heaps faster than any other method as it does not use typical Windows heap functions but uses undocumented techniques which improves the performance substantially.

I have published detailed article explaining about this undocumented technique along with code sample.

It will be useful for anyone involved in troubleshooting process heap related problems as well as researching on security issues surrounding process heaps. Now with search feature it will be more easier and better to use than earlier.

ProcHeapViewer main screen

ProcHeapViewer: Searching for strings in heap data.

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