There has been many books written on the IDA Pro. But this book stands apart from all those. So far this is the most splendid book every produced on world’s most popular disassembler.



Here is the ‘Table of Contents’

PART I: Introduction to IDA
Chapter 1: Introduction to Disassembly
Chapter 2:
Reversing and Disassembly Tools
Chapter 3:
IDA Pro Background

PART II: Basic IDA Usage
Chapter 4: Getting Started with IDA
Chapter 5:
IDA Data Displays
Chapter 6:
Disassembly Navigation
Chapter 7:
Disassembly Manipulation
Chapter 8:
Datatypes and Data Structures
Chapter 9:
Cross-References and Graphing
Chapter 10:
The Many Faces of IDA

PART III: Advanced IDA Usage
Chapter 11: Customizing IDA
Chapter 12:
Library Recognition Using FLIRT Signatures
Chapter 13:
Extending IDA’s Knowledge
Chapter 14:
Patching Binaries and Other IDA Limitations

PART IV: Extending IDA’s Capabilities
Chapter 15: Scripting with IDC
Chapter 16:
The IDA Software Development Kit
Chapter 17:
The IDA Plug-In Architecture
Chapter 18:
Binary Files and IDA Loader Modules
Chapter 19:
IDA Processor Modules

PART V: Real-World Application
Chapter 20: Compiler Variations
Chapter 21:
Obfuscated Code Analysis
Chapter 22:
Vulnerability Analysis
Chapter 23:
Real-World IDA Plug-Ins

PART VI: The IDA Debugger
Chapter 24: The IDA Debugger
Chapter 25:
Disassembler/Debugger Integration
Chapter 26:
Linux, OS X, and Remote Debugging with IDA


You can read the first hand review of this book by Ilfak Guilfanov,  the man behind the IDA Pro Disassembler.

In this book, Chris has made an excellent attempt to explain the fine details of IDA pro which is not at all easy task given the complexity of the product itself. The 5 star ratings on the Amazon says it all.


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