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HAKIN9 : Hardcore IT Security Magazine

Today I have received my first print copy of HAKIN9 magazine along with awesome T-Shirt. It is just amazing feeling to have stuff like this in my hands, its like mother holding her first baby.

Hakin9 is the hardcore computer security magazine which exposes the top secrets straight from the field. Written by some of the prominent personalities who have proven their expertise in the security world. It offers an in-depth look at both attack and defense techniques and concentrates on difficult technical issues. Mainly targeted for IT security professionals and system managers, it provides great insight for students & hobbyists.

Initially released as online magazine, now its available in print form too. Indian readers can order it through the ETA website and you will receive nice T-shirt with one year subscription 🙂

Happy Hakin9 🙂


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  1. bw bw
    January 27, 2009    

    and they don’t pay article’s authors on time, just ask someone who wrote for them in the past, you have to struggle to get your money, they don’t reply to your emails one you sent them the article (but they do if you’re a new author!)

    hakin9 isn’t “Science” so don’t tell me they don’t have to pay for articles…

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