To all the hacker’s delight, the Hacker Reversing Challenge 2008 is back again with the bang. This challenge is carried out in three phases as in the last year and there is huge prize money for the winners as well as the participants.

If you have participated in the last year’s challenge then you all know how interesting and challenging it was to reverse those floating point computations and break those protections.

For all those who are interested in the Hacker challenge 2007, I have put together complete problem and solution on my website…

This will enable you to take a closer look at the challenge and also help you to get prepared for the this year’s contest.

For more information on this challenge, you can visit the Hackers Challenge website. If you are curious about the winners of the last years contest then you can find them here.

The reversing challenge will be taking off on Oct 20th, so get ready with your weapons to conquer the challenge….!