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Book of the Month – The Art of ...

Book of the Month – The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense

This is one of the book which i read long back but it still makes one of the best and descriptive text available on Virus. . Written by the Peter Szor – the virus expert – “The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense” presents great material for wanna be experts in Virus research. . […]

Book of the Month – KINGPIN

Book of the Month – KINGPIN

Here is the yet another but superb and thrilling real tale from the Hackers underground, “KINGPIN – How One Hacker Took Over the Billion-Dollar Cybercrime Underground” . In this exciting & entertaining story from cyber underground – Kevin Poulsen – the former hacker & investigative editor of – reveals every account of covert criminal […]

Book of the Month – Android in ...

Book of the Month – Android in Action

Lately I was looking for the best & latest book on Android programming and after stumbling through many of the Android books on Amazon I finally got exactly what I was looking for! . The best & latest Android book  –  ‘Android in Action’. The book covers A-Z of Android Programming, starting with basics to […]

Book of the Month – Social Engi...

Book of the Month – Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking

Every one in security arena knows Kevin Mitnick – Father of Social Engineering – how he used to trick the people on the other side of phone to do any thing for him. Those were  the days when federal guys feared that if Kevin is let free then he can cause nuclear wars with his […]

Book of the Month – A Guide to ...

Book of the Month – A Guide to Kernel Exploitation

Anyone into Vulnerability Research and Exploitation knows how hard it is to discover a Security Vulnerability and then develop a reliable exploit for it. Now consider taking it from user land to kernel, the near impossible thing to get your shoes in for the show. . In that context, ‘A Guide to Kernel Exploitation’ new […]

Book of the Month – Malware Ana...

Book of the Month – Malware Analyst’s Cookbook

“Malware Analyst’s Cookbook” is the latest master piece in the Malware Analysis field which covers almost all facets of the subject from all possible angles. I haven’t seen any book like this which covers everything that Malware Analyist will ever need starting from basics to advanced analysis. . . Here is the core information about […]

Book of the Month – Mobile Malw...

Book of the Month – Mobile Malware Attacks and Defense

As mobile devices becoming more and more sophisticated with their computing power and memory, the attackers are slowing shifting their focus from PC to these Mobile devices. Unlike earlier generation of mobile devices, current mobile devices are as powerful as our computer systems with increased memory and performance along with built-in internet connectivity. All of […]

Book of the Month – CISSP All-i...

Book of the Month – CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide

I have been writing review for many technical security books in the recent past, so this time I thought of picking up certification related book. I generally don’t value these security certifications. Though these certifications do not add any greater value to ones technical knowledge but they certainly help anyone in getting ahead in the […]

Book of the Month – Cyber Fraud...

Book of the Month – Cyber Fraud: Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

Gone are the days when those BlackHat Hackers would tickle you for fun, Now they will poke you & take your diamonds without you even knowing anything about it until it’s too late. Landscape in the Cyber underground has completely changed since then, making it more like well organized business controlled by global entities around […]

Book of the Month: Cloud Security �...

Book of the Month: Cloud Security & Privacy

Other day while I was crawling through the books at the local book mall,  I just ran into this book.  Immediately I popped up amazon site on my cell to check the ratings and found that its rated 4.5 (out of 11 ratings) which is a signal for must buy.  Cloud computing being the hot […]