Book of the Month – Android in Action

Lately I was looking for the best & latest book on Android programming and after stumbling through many of the Android books on Amazon I finally got exactly what I was looking for!


The best & latest Android book  –  ‘Android in Action’. The book covers A-Z of Android Programming, starting with basics to advanced levels covering everything that new user will expect and expert would like to play with.



Here is the core information about the book,

  • Title: Android in Action
  • Author: Frank Ableson, Robi Sen
  • Publisher: Manning Publications
  • Hardcover: 592 pages
  • Release Date: Jan 28, 2011 (2nd Edition)
  • Rating(Amazon):


Here’s the table of Contents

  1. Part 1 What is Android?—The Big Picture

    • Chapter 1 Introducing Android
    • Chapter 2 Android’s development environment
  2. Part 2 Exercising the Android SDK

    • Chapter 3 User interfaces
    • Chapter 4 Intents and Services
    • Chapter 5 Storing and retrieving data
    • Chapter 6 Networking and web services
    • Chapter 7 Telephony
    • Chapter 8 Notifications and alarms
    • Chapter 9 Graphics and animation
    • Chapter 10 Multimedia
    • Chapter 11 Location, location, location
  3. Part 3 Android applications

    • Chapter 12 Putting Android to work in a field service application
    • Chapter 13 Building Android applications in C
  4. Part 4 The maturing platform

    • Chapter 14 Bluetooth and sensors
    • Chapter 15 Integration
    • Chapter 16 Android web development
    • Chapter 17 AppWidgets
    • Chapter 18 Localization
    • Chapter 19 Android Native Development Kit


Entire book is divided into 4 parts taking you from Beginner to Expert level !  First part starts with basics of Android and then explains on Android SDK programming (setting it up, working with Emulator, Debugging etc). It also explains how to quickly develop Android Apps using Eclipse. Part 2 fully showcases the power of Android SDK – playing with user interface, network, storing/retrieving from database, accessing telephonic data of user, advanced graphics & animation, Location based services etc.
Part 3 demonstrates a real life Android application development in nutshell. It also shows how to write pure C code based Android application without using SDK along with sample application. This may not be really useful but some of you may like it but it is surely complicated way of doing easy things !

Part 4 is for advanced souls who wants to get to the top of Android Programming. It explains interfacing with some of the advanced stuffs including bluetooth sensors, working on web interface for Android, Playing with AppWidgets, Localization of your application and Android Native Development Kit (NDK).

Entire book is filled with extensive sample codes which makes it easy to follow through. The book covers latest version 2.3 so you don’t have to deal with compatibility problems with new Android devices.


Note: As Android is based on Java you need to get familiar with syntax and symantics of Java programming before you jump onto Android Platform.


Overall, this is the master class book on ‘Android Programming’ either you are beginner or expert !


eBook Link :

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