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DLL Hijacking Exploit – All at...

DLL Hijacking Exploit –  All at One Place

The web is full of recent DLL Hijacking Exploit after HDMoore and other security researchers have reported about numerous Windows applications suffering  from these flaws.  Here I have decided to put together simple version with all the relevant links at one place so that one gets the complete picture. . What is DLL Hijacking Vulnerability […]

Hackers Exploit Launch Feature of PDF...

Hackers Exploit Launch Feature of PDF to Spread the Botnets

Next time you open that PDF email attachment or PDF document from your friend, it may be the last time you will be owning your system.  Next moment onwards it will no longer be yours because it will become  part of botnet system controlled by attackers out there. Attackers are busy exploiting new launch action […]

Book of the Month – SQL Injecti...

Book of the Month – SQL Injection Attacks and Defense

SQL Injection is one of the most popular web attacks that the security world has ever witnessed since the evolution of Internet. Till date it remains one of the less understood vulnerability from web security perspective as indicated by growing number of SQL injection attacks. In this direction, this book is set to clear apart […]

Google Offer Rewards for Chrome Hacke...

Google Offer Rewards for Chrome Hackers

Here comes the Google’s turn to offer bounty for hackers finding bugs in Chrome. As per the latest post “Encouraging More Chromium Security Research” on its official blog of Chrome,  Google has decided to follow the practice of Microsoft and other organizations to reward the security researchers. For every Security vulnerability found in Chrome,  Google […]

Social Engineering Made Easy by SET

Social Engineering Made Easy by SET

“Man without tools is animal and with tools he is everything”. Till today the quote applies to every field man has set his footprints in. Man has created tools for everything to make every small job easier & quicker. Now we have tool for Social Engineering too. This new tool is called Social-Engineering Toolkit (in […]

Operation Aurora – Google Got H...

Operation Aurora – Google Got Hacked through IE Zero Day

Operation Aurora – The well targeted attack under which top companies including Google got hacked through the zero day vulnerability. Google has released separate statement recently illustrating nature of the attack vectors and motives of the attacker. In this attack which believed to be originated from China, the zero day (not publicly known) vulnerability in […]

M$ Patches First Security Vulnerabili...

M$ Patches First Security Vulnerability of 2010

M$ has announced its first critical security vulnerability of the year 2010 in its Tuesday patch release. This is the vulnerability in the OpenType font engine embedded in the client applications which can lead to remote code execution leading to complete control of the system. As per the bulletin, the attack can be simulated by […]

Remotely Hacking Gmail Password Using...

Remotely Hacking Gmail Password Using Metasploit

Have you ever wondered who can hack into you machine when you are protected by latest Antivirus updates or HIDS/HIPS solutions. Think again, the video shown below will change your perception altogether…! Nishant, the security researcher has created this video presentation demonstrating how one can easily and silently steal your secrets without your knowledge. This […]