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Launched Directory Scanner – Remote Dire

Launched Directory Scanner – Remote Directory Server Fingerprinting Tool

DirectoryScanner is the FREE Directory Server fingerprinting tool. It can help you to remotely detect the type of Directory servers (such as Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory etc) running on the local network as well as Internet. It is GUI version of RemoteDirDetector– a perl based console tool to detect type of directory servers. . […]

New Tool FTPPasswordSniffer – Universal

New Tool FTPPasswordSniffer – Universal FTP Password Sniffer & Recovery Tool

FTPPasswordSniffer is the universal FTP password recovery tool for any of your favorite FTP application such as FileZilla, SmartFtp etc. It can not only recover the lost FTP account password but also can sniff and catch any of the FTP account passwords passing through your network, thus making it a great tool for Penetration Testers. […]

Launched NetCertScanner – First Enterpri

Launched NetCertScanner – First Enterprise Product from

NetCertScanner is a Enterprise version of our recently released free tool, SSLCertScanner which was meant only for personal use or for the needs of smaller organizations. NetCertScanner has all the professional level features  and wide range of support options required for medium/bigger Enterprises who generally has to manage large number of SSL services in their […]

Unleashing VASTO – A Virtualization Asse

Unleashing VASTO – A Virtualization Assesment Toolkit

VASTO is the first of its kind toolkit designed to asses the security of various Virtualization solutions including VMWare and Xen server.  It is implemented as set of modules which can be integrated into Metasploit , the popular penetration testing framework.  This makes it very easy for pen testers to directly integrate VASTO with their […]

Delivered Talk on ‘Application Virtualiz

Delivered Talk on ‘Application Virtualization’

I just came back after delivering presentation on ‘Application Virtualization’ during ‘Clouding Computing & Virtualization‘ summit at NITK Surathkal, one of the premiere engineering institute in India.  It was great moment for me to deliver the talk at my own college after 6 years of passing out from here. The event was organized as educational […]

Book of the Month – VIRTUAL HONEYPOTS

Book of the Month – VIRTUAL HONEYPOTS

Honeypots have been the best mechanism to trace the real security threats in the wild whether it may be hacker attacks, worms or botnets. In today’s world, where deploying and setting up physical honeypots are not only complex but also costly in terms of time and money, virtual honeypots helps in great extent by making […]

Book of the Month – Wireshark Network An

Book of the Month – Wireshark Network Analysis

“Wireshark Network Analysis” is the latest book on Wireshark, the top notch tool for network analyzer.Wireshark is used in analyzing network traffic, troubleshooting network problems on wired and wireless network. Either you are an network analyst,  administrator,  network security professional this will be the book that you don’t want to miss. The book is well […]