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Nagareshwar is a security enthusiastic person involved in reverse engineering, vulnerability research, coding security tools etc. He spend most of the time in uncovering the secrets of computer world.

He holds ‘Bachelor of Engineering’ degree from National Institute of Technology of Karnataka, India. He had professional experience of 2.5 years in Novell. At Novell he was working on various security products including ‘Novell Secure Login‘ and CASA.

For more information on his work, visit his website at



  1. JGS JGS
    November 6, 2007    

    Icesword anti debugging

    You dont have a copy of icesword removed from anti debugging ? I really like to look deeper into it.

    You have any idea if there are only 2 checks ? The ones you described in your doc ?

  2. November 6, 2007    

    I have not yet analyzed the icesword completely. I have found these debugging checks while looking for something else.

    IceSword is an interesting tool to analyze and to nderstand the mind of its maker PJF.

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