Browser History Spy is the FREE all-in-one software to instantly recover the browsing history from popular web browsers – Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

It has been pretty long time since I have released any new tool. In fact this one is coming after record time of 5 months. And there is long list of new ones which keeps growing every day 🙂

Browser History Spy is designed to be one tool to view the history from all the web browsers. Currently it supports top 3 browsers and in future we will add support for more browsers.

It automatically detects history file based on selected browser. You can also manually choose the history file such as one copied from different system. By default it sorts the list by URL, but you can also sort it using Website Title, Visits, Date etc.

Finally you can export the history list to HTML/XML file by selecting right option from Save Dialog.  Like most of our tools, it comes with easy to use attractive GUI interface & works from Windows XP to Windows 7.

For more details and download, please visit Browser History Spy