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Released FilezillaPasswordDecryptor – FileZilla Password Recovery Software

FilezillaPasswordDecryptor is the FREE software to instantly recover FTP login passwords stored by FileZilla – most popular FREE FTP client application.


FileZilla stores the password for all the past FTP sessions in user profile location so that user don’t have to enter it every time. FilezillaPasswordDecryptor makes it easy to quickly scan & recover all these stored FTP login passwords.


Here are the highlights of main features

  • Instantly scan and recover all stored FTP login passwords from FileZilla
  • Comes with both GUI interface & Command-line version.
  • Useful for Penetration testers as well as Forensic investigators.
  • Recover FileZilla passwords from local as well as remote system.
  • Easier and faster to use with its enhanced user friendly GUI interface.
  • Support for local Installation and un-installation of the software.


FileZilla in fact stores the FTP passwords in clear text & so we were off it. But recently we saw few commercial enterprises selling similar software for 20$ and it is then we decided to launch our own FREE version !

For more details visit FilezillaPasswordDecryptor

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