Recently I had been writing about code samples for demonstrating the usage of various Cryptography functions such as generating MD5/SHA256 hash generation, encryption of password based on the key, BASE 64 encoder/decoder etc. Here is the index of all those Crypto articles and associated tools.


Crypto Articles

CryptoCode: Generate MD5 Hash using Windows Cryptography Library

CryptoCode: Generate SHA1/SHA256 Hash using Windows Cryptography Library

CryptoCode: DES Encryption & Decryption using SHA1 Hash Key

Crypto Code: Base64 Encoder

CryptoCode: Base64 Decoder

Yahoo64 – Secret Encoding Algorithm of Yahoo

CryptoCode: Create SHA256 Hash using OpenSSL


Crypto Tools

HashGenerator: Universal Hash Generator Tool

HashCompare: Hash Integrity Comparison Tool

DownloadHashVerifier : Download File Hash Verification Tool


If you are interested in knowing specific things related to Cryptography, pass on your comments. We will plan to include the same in our future posts.