FireMaster Video Tutorial Showing Hybrid & Bruteforce Method

FireMaster is the first ever built tool to recover the lost master password of Firefox. Master password is used by Firefox to protect the stored sign-on information for all visited websites. If the master password is forgotten, then there is no way to recover the master password and user will lose all the sign-on information stored in it.

However user can now use FireMaster to get back all their stored credentials. FireMaster uses combination of techniques such as Dictionary, Hybrid and Brute force to recover the master password from the Firefox key database file. Now it also supports “pattern based password recovery mechanism” which significantly reduces the time taken to recover the password.

Here is the video demonstration which shows how to use Hybrid & Bruteforce Crack Method to recover forgotten Firefox master password using FireMaster



In the above video, it shows how to effectively use different methods to recover the password. It is always advised to try out Dictionary/Hybrid method before going on with the BruteForce method as it takes long time based on char-set & password length. If you remember part of password or possible length, then you can as well as go for ‘Pattern based Password Recovery Method’ which can significantly reduce the time from hundreds of days to few hours. In our next video,  I will show you how to use this method intelligently.

The main intention of creating this video is to make it easy for users (especially naive ones) to use FireMaster effectively. Being console based tool, often beginners (to computer field) find it awful to use leading to too many silly questions in my mail box and I end up suggesting the same sequence of operations every time. Now I can just point them to this video and they will be alright.

Also please do not ask us to recover the master password for you. Many times I get these requests and I want to make it clear that we have got better job to do and we can only help you to use FireMaster to recover your lost password.

For more information, move on to main page of FireMaster.

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