Pattern based password recovery is not new concept. However it has been used very rarely in the present day programs besides its importance and improvement it brings on the performance.

It relies on the fact that each of us remembers some part of the password even though we have forgotten the password. This can be any parameters such as length, first few letters, end letters or middle part of the password.Also many of us have habits of choosing all of our passwords of particular pattern. When the person possess certain information about the password, it greatly reduces the time required to recover such a password.

Now the new FireMaster 2.5 introduces this technique which aims to recover the most complex or impossible looking passwords in very realistic time frame and also brings down the recovery time significantly.

To demonstrate this practically, lets take a example of password with 12 letters containing only lower case alphabets and numbers. Recovering such a password with brute force approach will take months together even on high end machines.

Now assume that certain information about this lost password is available, say for example password is of length 12, begins with ‘fire’ and ends with ’12’.

FireMaster with Pattern Based Recovery Technique

In this case, running FireMaster using brute force method coupled with new pattern based recovery technique, this impossible looking password can be recovered in just 6 hours….!!!

Isn’t that cool ???

Best result comes when both the tool and the person’s brain are running at their top potential…!

– Nagareshwar