This was more or less surprise release as it was never intended to be separate tool as such.  It was in fact to be part of the FirePasswordViewer since Thunderbird and Firefox uses identical password storage mechanism except few minor differences.  As I was putting the changes for Thunderbird into FirePasswordViewer, I realized that its going to be clumsy and confusing for the end users too.  So at the last minute, I decided to create separate tool for Thunderbird itself and there we have ThunderbirdPassDecryptor.

ThunderbirdPassDecryptor, is the FREE tool to recover email account passwords stored by Thunderbird, a popular email client application. It is the standalone tool and works on all windows platforms starting from Windows XP to Windows 7. The password recovery is almost same as explained in the FirePasswordViewer, except Thunderbird has different profile location.

To know more about how it works and to download the tool, visit the main page of  ThunderbirdPassDecryptor.