After 3+ years of seeing the same old banner I got bored and decided to give it fresh look.  This time I decided to go with simple but elegant design so that it is pleasant to the eye and smaller in size compared to the earlier one.  Here is the result of that,

I experimented with lot of other designs with the Shield logo around it.  But it did not look that great with earlier shield logo, so decided to take it off at the last moment.   The previous design of shield with swords make it the X of securityXploded and it also represents the protection against security threats 🙂 there by perfectly matching the theme of the website.  Though I decided to live without that for time being, later I am planning to re introduce it back so that it can fit into current design.

My brother helped with getting the right spear with good design which actually gives it great look.  When I finally finished, it appeared to me like a some kind of  hollywood movie banner 🙂

Overall I was happy with this new banner and hope that fans will like it too 🙂  Please drop your comments on what you feel about this new look.