NetworkPasswordDecryptor is the free tool to instantly recover the network passwords stored in the ‘Credential Store’ of Windows. Not only Windows uses it to store network authentication passwords, but also other applications such as Outlook, Windows Live Messenger, Remote Destktop, Gmail Notifier etc uses it for storing their login passwords.

NetworkPasswordDecryptor can recover following passwords on all versions of Windows starting from XP to Windows 7.

  • All network authentication passwords.
  • Basic/Digest authentication passwords stored by Internet Explorer
  • Google login password stored by GMail Notifier
  • Remote Desktop stored passwords.
  • Exchange server login passwords stored by Outlook.
  • Login passwords of Windows Live Messenger

To understand how NetworkPasswordDecryptor decrypts these network passwords,  refer to following research article

‘Exposing the Secret of Decrypting Network  Passwords’

This research article presents the crypto techniques required to decode and decrypt all such network based passwords from Windows ‘Credential Store’.