This is neither the hardcore technical book explaining the computer security nor it talks about securing your PC from zero day threats. It is all about practical facts that take you down because of policies and rules imposed by banks & industries for their own monetary gains.

In this eye-opener book, authors reveal how cyber-crooks operate in a network ring controlled by international players and what drives their nerves to commit such a high degree of cyber-crimes without inch of fear. People think its the money that drives them crazy but its what the money can buy which triggers them to do such an hilarious act. It also exposes the international nature of these crimes making it difficult to bring these crooks to court of law.

Since the start, the book delves through zero day threats leading to rise of virus & worms forcing bigger sharks like Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe etc to spend their dollars on strengthening the security. Its surprising to see, how the motive behind the development of these cyber threats (such as viruses/spywares) has changed over the time from real pleasure, pride to bigger business model than any body imagined off.

You will be shocked to find lot of simple truths which you were blind off before reading this book. For example, if your debit card is misused then you lose your money which is difficult to get back from bank. However in case of credit card, bank’s money is gone..!  there is a big difference. Another example is when bank offers a security alert service for $$$, its real intention is not to protect your money from cyber-crooks but to increase their revenue by $$$ * billion…!

In short, ‘Zero Day Threat’ exposes the real myths of security, tearing apart the blindfold by presenting the real stories, real numbers and real people who drives the show…!