Wow…! This was my first reaction when I received this massive 900+ pages book from Amazon.  I was just spell bounded and surprised to see such an  enormous amount of information compiled on the lesser known area of computer security, the Rootkits.

Book - The Rootkit Arsenal

Here is the table of contents of this book,

Part 1  Foundations
Chapter 1  Setting the Stage
Chapter 2  Into the Catacombs: IA-32
Chapter 3  Windows System Architecture
Chapter 4  Rootkit Basics
Part 2  System Modification
Chapter 5  Hooking Call Tables
Chapter 6  Patching System Routines
Chapter 7  Altering Kernel Objects
Chapter 8  Deploying Filter Drivers
Part 3  Anti-Forensics
Chapter 9  Defeating Live Response
Chapter 10  Defeating File System Analysis
Chapter 11  Defeating Network Analysis
Chapter 12  Countermeasure Summary
Part 4  End Material
Chapter 13  The Tao of Rootkits
Chapter 14  Closing Thoughts

The book starts with basics of system internals which is essential to understand the depth of  Rootkits. It covers about various memory models, interrupts, TSR, Windows architecture etc in detail. Then it delves into explaining the ingredients of Rootkit including installing and launching of the Rootkit. All these system internals have been covered in very precise and concise manner.

The chapter 5 is where the real fun starts as it goes on elaborating all the hooking mechanisms from user land to kernel and then it describes various techniques for detecting these hooking mechanisms. Later chapters does awesome job of explaining the advanced Rootkit techniques. The Anti-Forensics section is just mind blowing, no explanation needed.

One of the salient features of this book is the code samples. Every technique mentioned in this book is illustrated with well explained, working code example. This along with Rootkit detection mechanisms explored in the book sets it apart from its predecessor, Rootkit – Subverting Windows Kernel.


Its clearly evident that author has taken great pain and patience to present the darkest topic of computer arena in a very simple and understandable manner in this gigantic compilation.  By far this is the very good reference book and very well recommended for any one who wants to conquer the mysterious world of Rootkits.


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