I always like reading about the real hacker stories from the field which are not only intriguing but offers great amount of insight and inspiration to draw from real attacks. One thing common about every hacker story is that it is unique and creative which are hard to find in any of the hacking books.

The Hacker’s Challenge series is another great collection of real hacker incidents collected from various sources. The third book ‘Hacker’s Challenge 3’ written by prominent authors presents twenty new real world hacking stories to test and develop one’s forensics skills. Every chapter covers each challenge explaining the background of the attack,  detection, evidence collection then finally delving into technical aspects. At the end of the each chapter there are questions which are set to test the reader’s skills on handling incident response and forensic investigation of the attack. The second part of the book covers solutions for challenges posed in each chapter.

To get the taste of the ‘Hacker Challenge 3’ stories you can read the following free sample story from the book which contains both the story as well as solution to the questions.

Hacker’s Challenge 3: A Cup Of Chai – Challenge
Hacker’s Challenge 3: A Cup Of Chai – Solution

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Finally, If you are an avid story reader then ‘Hackers Challenge 3’ presents one of the best hacker stories you have ever read which not only makes it enjoyable to read but at the same time imparts the real knowledge.