, one of the popular hacking and security community website was completely defaced and destroyed by the Anti-Sec group on June 5th. In what so called as one of the most destructive attack of recent times, the servers were not only hacked but completely ruined by deleting almost everything including backups from the backup servers leaving no chance for recovery.

The attack was carried out by exploiting the remote code execution vulnerability in the LiteSpeed web server which was running the Astalavista show.

The attacker was against the Astalvista for charging the money to join the community and for stealing the exploits from milw0rm. However new note on cliams otherwise.

Here is the quote that was left behind by the attacker after defacing the site explaining the reason behind the attack.

Why has Astalavista been targeted?
Other than the fact that they are not doing any of this for the “community” but for the money, they spread exploits for kids, claim to be a security community (with no real sense of security on their own servers), and they charge you $6.66 per months to access a dead forum with a directory filled with public releases and outdated / broken services. We wanted to see how good that “team of security and IT professionals” really is.

Entire attack has been narrated step by step from defacing the attack to destruction in this very interesting text document.

The game ends with following script…

What a journey! We’re not sure exactly why the “Terminator” had any influence on their naming (conventions) but we’re sure Arnold himself wouldn’t be in the wrong to say this pack of morons *wont be back*.

Everything which has the beginning has an end…!