Now a days it is very common get infected even if you have best antivirus software installed with latest signatures. One of the main reason being is the rise in new category of viruses which does not belong to any previously detected virus families. Also the virus writing has become money making business rather than just for fun as in olden days. As a result there is high chance that your machine is controlled by virus even in the presence of antivirus software. This is true especially when the particular virus is not mass spread and lesser known. In such cases online virus analysis comes to rescue.

The best part of these online analyzers is that suspicious file will be scanned by more than one vendor database leading to greater chance of detection. Now there are lot of websites which provide free online virus scanning service. Currently and provide the best service using the database from top antivirus vendors.

Here are some of the websites which provide online virus analysis.

Though all of these websites provide free virus scanning service some of them have limitations such as upload size limit, user registration etc. But in the end when your antivirus fails to serve its purpose, online analysis is the way to go…!