From the past two years we are working actively on couple of projects to support the security community. As you all may already know that we have successfully completed our reversing and malware analysis training programme and we are very glad that it was very helpful for everyone. In my opinion the success of any project depends on the project members and their trust on each other. So I formally want to thank my awesome friends for their efforts & support and hoping that they will continue with their support.

In this post I want to share some updates on the following things:

SecurityXploded Meet:

We have received couple of feedbacks locally and globally about our monthly meets and it is nice to hear that more people wants to contribute. So considering all the factors we have decided to host a dedicated system security meet. The purpose of the meet is to encourage other people to contribute and also to continue with our existing projects.

The meet will be on quarterly basis. We will roughly have 4 sessions in which two sessions will be dedicated for securityxploded members (our members are active so they may want to start their own small projects in these sessions) and two sessions will be for community. Mostly we will use call for sessions announcements to select the talks from community. But I will share more details on this in our upcoming announcements.

The meet will be very specific to system security and we will not discuss or accept any topic outside system security area. Briefly following will be the scope of our meet:

– Reverse Engineering

– Malware Analysis

– Rootkits

– System Internals

– Forensics (Network, Memory, File etc.)

– Protocols analysis

– Mobile Malwares

– Security Automation & Tools

– Operating systems kernels

– Hypervisors, Virtualization

– Sandbox

– Exploits

– Advanced and Targeted Threats/Attacks

– Analysis evasion techniques

– Hardware Architecture and Hacking


We will announce call for session and meeting dates soon. But if you have something cool to present than please don’t wait for call for session just send an email to with your topic and summary.

In case if you are inspired and want to help the community then please send an email to for membership.. it is totally free, the only requirement is: you should be technically smart and should respect other members because we want to maintain the healthiness of our own environment.

Mentorship Programme:

We started the mentorship programme to help deserving students. We have a proper selection process for this programme. You can find more details here.

The application form for 2014-2015 batch will be available on 1st May 2014. We will keep you updated about the key dates.