Here is the more update about our Student Membership Programme which was launched recently.

We have already received couple of application forms. And few students have requested for more information and clarification.

On those lines here are more answers about this programme


# What this programme is all about?
This programme is primarily for engineering students who are interested in Information security. We believe that practical knowledge is must to implement anything, which is highly lacking in academic programmes. So we decided to help deserving students through this programme where experts from industry will guide the students. It is totally free and community driven programme, Although students will be selected through our selection process. Please visit to know more about.


# After selection what students will do ?
After the selection of student into this programme, he/she will be assigned an mentor. His mentor will be responsible for everything from project selection to execution of project. Student can discuss their problems at any time with his/her mentor. Weekly and monthly assignments will be given to student, which will also serve as a measure of student performance. Finally based on our qualification criteria, eligible students will be awarded an certification at the end of the course.


# What will be the duration of the programme?
Duration of programme will be from 3 months to 6 months. Students will be asked to select the appropriate duration of the programme.


# What if student doesn’t complete his/her assignments?
If in any case student fail to complete his/her assignment then his/her mentor will consult about the issue and if mentor feels that student is not interested in course or not working ethically then he can cancel student association with this programme and ban from future mentorship programmes also.


# Will this course help to get job in security?
Honestly, we are not sure. but this course will help students to build practical knowledge based on theoretical concepts. And will enhance their problem solving abilities. So we think that it will help students to get job in security.


# What do you expect from the student after the course?
Nothing! It is up to the student if he/she thinks security is an interesting field then he/she can join our Research community and can work on independent research projects.


# Is there any hidden agenda?
No, Students will completely work on their projects. No extra work of any type will be given to students.

For information about the selection process and Important dates please visit


— Amit Malik