Here is the quick update from our this month’s Local Security meet (sx/null/g4h/owasp) where Harsimran did splendid session on ‘Practical Reversing (I). This is part of our ongoing FREE ‘Reversing & Malware Analysis Training’ started since our Jan 2012 meet.

In this interesting practical session, he demonstrated How to play around Breakpoints along with detailed session on Reversing sample Crackme using IDA and Immunity Debugger

This presentation is already on our Security Presentations page. For those who could not attend this offline session, it also includes demonstration video ( ). Video is not visible on live presentation (issues with slideshare). So you need to download it offline to view the embedded video in presentation.

Special Thanks to Harsimran for putting up lot of his personal time and efforts in the midst of his busy schedule to deliver fine session!

Our next session will be on ‘Practical Reversing – Part 2’ where Nagareshwar will show you how to unpack real applications/malwares using OllyDbg and other unpacking tools/methods.

So stay tuned to our next meet for yet another exciting session.

— Amit Malik