Launched – Your daily dose of fresh Security Newz !

We are excited to announce the first beta launch of our new project – – A dedicated portal to bring out the fresh and latest security stuff from all corners of the world.




It is born out of my own need to keep on top of all that is happening in security world. Often I used to wander through many news sources before I went to bed finally but still half hearted. Then one fine morning still in bed, it stuck me why not create one such source where we can find all security stuff at single place. So came out – SecurityPhresh !

Currently it features following security sections

  • Top Security News
  • Security Research Labs
  • Popular Security Blogs
  • Security Advisories & Vulnerabilities
  • Security Videos & Podcasts
  • Security Tools
  • Infosec Jobs
  • Upcoming Security Conferences


Each section presents the latest and fresh stuff from carefully handpicked sources which are popular and proven to deliver quality content. Also it is updated regularly with constant changes in the background. But it is still in initial stages and will be better as we go on.

Special thanks to my friend Manojna for valuable suggestions on making of this portal. My brother was supposed to do logo design but he is still absconding 😉

That’s all from our side, now go and enjoy the first glimpse of it yourself –


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