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NullCon is Set for Second International Security Show

Nullcon is one of the premier security conference from India leaping into it’s second international show on 25th-26th Feb 2011.

With the successful first show last year, it it set to grow bigger with leading security experts from all over the world speaking on latest topics. Along with it there are also special workshops being organized at the end of the event.


Here’s the interesting story behind birth of NullCon

A few good blokes meditating under a banyan tree further under the influence of some nourishing herbs, in a profound moment of awesomeness, it dawned on them to seek the eternal wisdom of ..nothing. And so was born what we call 0|?|null|n|u . The rest, as they say, is history. nullcon celebrates this quest for knowledge and desire to carry on this legacy.


Here are the highlights of Conference

  1. Des Jugaad track:
    – Hari Prasad to present on Hacking the Indian Electronic Voting machine.
    – Anurag Dhanda to present on hacking the parliament – a classic social engineering attack
  2. Battle Underground CTF – 1st Prize: SANS SEC 504: Hacker Techniques, Exploits & Incident Handling class (worth USD 4095/-)
  3. The most happening hacker get together – null networking party.


This year NullCon has setup special workshops by experts from the field

  • [Rohit Srivastwa & Vivek Ramachandran] A Hacker’s Guide to Programming Internet Worms
  • [Yarochkin Fyodor] Building an Intelligence Analysis systems using open source tools


Also SecurityXploded is official Media Partner of NullCon Conference and we will be covering all facets of the conference as show goes on.


With the NullCon being held at one of the toxic detinstaion – Goa – you are set on Roll whether it is during the show or at shack parties. With few seats left out, you are advised to hurry up and book your seat for the show and the workshop !


STATUTORY WARNING: NullCon can cause severe exposure to high octane gyan and could leave participants exhausted with wild shack parties. Beware, Be There.

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