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Welcome to  our new SecurityXploded Forum ! Today we are happy to announce our own dedicated computer security discussion forum.

It was on the paper almost from the early days but it never got off to the road due to other high priority stuff on our plate. Finally it is out now and in style !


Here are the main goals and highlights of this Forum

  • Create and facilitate interactive discussion among the users and security experts.
  • Platform to announce the new releases, updates from
  • Discuss about research, development or any other news related to any area of Security
  • Get answers for your burning security issues from experts
  • Post and Watch out for job openings related to various fields of computer security
  • Have fun – share jokes, humorous moments with others – Work Hard, Play Harder !


We often receive queries on various problems and often these are of same nature.  For such things this forum will be better alternative to find solution for know problems or seek expert advice/solution on new ones.


In addition to this, it will be companion discussion platform for the website where user can discuss about issues related to our software and put their thoughts on new suggestions/improvements.


We hope it really serve and meet the ever growing demands of Computer Security.

Check out our new Forum now and pass on any feedbacks !

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