We are vigorously working on next major version of SpyDLLRemover which will bring out the best changes that our users have been looking for since the beginning. We have received lot of feedbacks directly as well as through various forums mentioning about improvements in SpyDLLRemover.

One of the most asked enhancement was the ‘Re-sizable Window feature’ which will make up for better user experience and greatly helps in quicker & hassle-free analysis. Another was the improvement in ‘Auto-Analysis’ to reduce the number of items listed under ‘need analysis’ section.

Here is the snapshot (at current development stage) of enlarged view of SpyDLLRemover (click on the image to see the bigger view)

This newer version brings all those changes in addition to lot of other special features, Here are some of the prominent enhancements that will be presented in our upcoming SpyDLLRemover version,

  • Advanced Online Threat Verification using VirusTotal, ThreatExpert and Process Library
  • Fully Re-sizable window for better usability and analysis
  • Right click context menu option to quickly choose the right actions such as remove dll, kill process, online verification, open folder, open file in various editor, view properties etc
  • Improved Auto-Analysis which will significantly reduce the manual analysis.
  • Option to open the DLL/EXE with Notepad, WordPad, UltraEdit or any of your favorite application (such as PEditor) for extended analysis.
  • Enhanced look & feel with new banner (no spider now 🙂 ) , smaller buttons, better icons etc.

Most of these enhancements are currently in development stages and we are expecting it to be completed by the end of this month. If you are looking for any specific enhancements, please send across and we can see if we can put it in for this release itself.

Keep watching this space for more news…until then visit the main portal, RootkitAnalytics.com