Here is the gem of Forensics book from the expert, appealing to all level of readers, beginners & experts alike. Windows still being most used platform and hence more susceptible to crime incidents, the knowledge of Windows forensic analysis is must for any investigator.

In this direction, this book covers everything that a investigator needed to bring the incident to courtroom through live as well as offline forensic analysis.



Here is the table of contents,

  • Chapter 1: Live Response: Collecting Volatile Data
  • Chapter 2: Live Response: Analyzing Volatile Data
  • Chapter 3: Windows Memory Analysis
  • Chapter 4: Registry Analysis
  • Chapter 5: File Analysis
  • Chapter 6: Executable File Analysis
  • Chapter 7: Rootkits and Rootkit Detection
  • Chapter 8: Tying It All Together
  • Chapter 9: Forensic Analysis on a Budget

It start with live analysis which deals with gathering and analysis of volatile system data which is the need of the hour for any forensic investigator. Later it goes into detail with each chapter describing every important component of operating system such as memory, file system, registry and executable file analysis. Each of the chapters are well illustrated with examples and best of the tools (including open source as well as commerical). Especially chatper on registry analysis is filled with unmatchable content and it deserves special salute to Harlan. Chapter 8 contains interesting case studies explaining different forensic scenarios which strengthens the practical awareness of the reader.

With plenty of tools available in the market, this book will guide you to use the right tool at the right time for the right purpose. This is what plays great role in making of the expert forensic investigator.

The accompanying DVD is valuable resource as it contains the tools described in this book which is very handy for simultaneously performing hands-on session while reading.

In short, Harlan has produced a master piece on the forensic subject and it is highly recommended for any one willing to acquire mastery over this field.

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