Here is the another good book in the field of penetration testing. Unlike other books which aims only at the technical aspects of Penetration testing, this one explains every step involved in the making of a Professional Pentester.

Rather than just teaching how to use the existing tools,  it does more splendid job of showcasing the life cycle of pentester which starts with learning,  experimenting with own lab setup, live pen-testing and finally presenting the results in informative manner.

Below is the ‘Table of Contents’ …

Part I – Setting Up

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Ethics and Hacking
Chapter 3: Hacking as a Career
Chapter 4: Setting up Your Lab
Chapter 5: Creating and Using PenTest Targets in Your Lab
Chapter 6: Methodologies
Chapter 7: PenTest Metrics
Chapter 8: Management of a PenTest

PartII – Running a PenTest

Chapter 9: Information Gathering
Chapter 10: Vulnerability Identification
Chapter 11: Vulnerability Verification
Chapter 12: Compromising a System and Privilege Escalation
Chapter 13: Maintaining Access
Chapter 14: Covering Your Tracks

Part III – Wrapping Everything Up

Chapter 15: Reporting Results
Chapter 16: Archiving Data
Chapter 17: Cleaning Up Your Lab
Chapter 18: Planning for Your Next PenTest

First part of the book focuses on learning aspects such as gathering knowledge, setting up lab and in-house practicing.  Second part covers more of technical aspects from successful exploitation to covering the tracks and third part finishes with presentation of pentesting results.

This book is aimed at everyone from beginner to advanced practitioners in the field of penetration testing. It also comes with very useful DVD which contains live illustrations and real time simulations of hacker scenarios which makes learning process more faster.

In short,  this is a must read book for anyone seriously willing to pursue his/her career as Pentester

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