F-Secure has announced new Reverse Engineering Challenge for the summer assembly event. The challenge is very interesting and neither easy nor difficult. It has 3 levels, at each level you have to find out email address which will take you to the next level.

The challenge was announced a day back and already 18 people including me have completed it. Though I could not make up to top 3 spot, I am happy that I have completed the challenge in between busy office schedule…

Once the challenge is over, I will post the answers here.

—- Update : 14th August 2007 —-

Since the khallenge.com website is offline and automated email system is not working anymore, its difficult to know if the answer is correct or not. Here are the final email addresses for different levels of challenge

Level 1 ThisIsAsm07REC@khallenge.com
Level 2 LuckyNumberIs_30503343_FSC@khallenge.com
Level 3 gr8skillz@khallenge.com

You can find complete solution with detailed analysis at zairon’s blog… http://zairon.wordpress.com/2007/08/06/f-secure-reverse-engineering-challenge-2007-solution/


You can find the current stats and details of the challenge here http://www.khallenge.com/

So give it a try and see where do you stand….!

– Nagareshwar