I have just finished with enhancing my old tool, Reminder. This tool keeps track of your day to day tasks and reminds you at regular intervals. Though this has nothing to do with security, it helps you to align your activities. I wrote this tool couple of years back for my own needs. Then some people started using it and slowly I got new set of enhancement requests 🙂

This latest version has some good features along with cool user interface. Here are some of the main features…

  • Auto starts when user logs in. So there is no need to manually start it. However this can be turned off by changing the relevant setting.
  • System tray functionality. On closing the application, it will remain active at system tray. Any time, you can activate it by double clicking on it.
  • Prioritize the tasks by moving them up or down in the task list.
  • Modification of tasks is easy, just double click to edit it.
  • Automatically reminds about remaining tasks at regular intervals . This time can be customized and also it can be enabled or disabled based upon the need.

You can download the latest version of Reminder 2.0 here.

– Nagareshwar Talekar