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Advanced Malware Analysis Training Se...

Advanced Malware Analysis Training Session 1 – Detection & Removal of Malwares

Here is the quick update on this month’s Local Security meet (SX/Null/G4H/owasp) where Nagareshwar and Monnappa delivered an excellent session on how to remove and detect Malware with practical demonstrations. This is part of our FREE ‘Advanced Malware Analysis Training’ series started from Dec 2012. This session is the first one from our newly launched […]

Reversing Training Session Part 13 &#...

Reversing Training Session Part 13 – Future Roadmap

Here is the quick update on this month’s Local Security meet (SX/Null/G4H/owasp). This is part of our ongoing FREE ‘Reversing & Malware Analysis Training’ started since our Jan 2012.   This session, the last one of our current training series,  put forth what all we have covered so far, what we will be doing at […]

CLUBHACK 2012 – 6th Edition

CLUBHACK 2012 – 6th Edition

Team ClubHack proudly brings you the 6th edition of Hacking and Security Conference with more exciting activities. ClubHack 2012 Highlights Highly Technical Conference with 2 days of Technical Briefings and 2 days of hand-on training workshops. HackNight – A complete night-out of making new products/plugins/modules/scripts, etc. Specialized hands-on training workshop for Network Admins, DBAs, Developers, […]

Cyber Intelligence Asia 2013

Cyber Intelligence Asia 2013

Intelligence-Sec is gearing up for their first inaugural Cyber Intelligence Asia event in early 2013. With an increase in cyber-attacks over the last few years, globally, it has become critical for organizations and government departments to protect themselves from any cyber attempt on their critical infrastructure. With this in mind Cyber Intelligence Asia will be […]

Launching SecurityPhresh Beta Edition

Launching SecurityPhresh Beta Edition

Here comes our new SecurityPhresh Beta edition. Since last couple of months we have been actively working on it.  Here are some of the highlights, Redesigned Back-end Engine At the forefront was the fully automated back-end engine which was completely redesigned from scratch and Amit did very fine job in bringing it up in short […]

Nullcon Delhi 2012

Nullcon Delhi 2012

Null as we know is an open security community and organizes international security conference Nullcon every year. Usually the conference was being held in Goa for the past three times. But this time the conference also took place in Delhi for the first time. The conference was to start from 26 of September to 29 […]

Stealing iPhone Backups using Metaspl...

Stealing iPhone Backups using Metasploit

Introduction to iPhone Backups: iTunes is used to back up the iPhone data to a computer. iTunes backup makes a copy of everything on the device like contacts, SMS, photos, calendar, music, call logs, configuration files, database files, keychain, network settings, offline web application cache, safari bookmarks, cookies and application data, etc. It also backups […]

Nullcon Delhi 2012 – Final List...

Nullcon Delhi 2012 – Final List of Speakers & Preview of Film “Reboot”

We are excited to announce the final list of speakers and events at nullcon Delhi 2012. We are also thrilled to screen the preview of Reboot. Our sincere thanks to Sidney Sherman and Joe kawasaki. Some of the featured talks Rahul Sasi – DTMF Fuzzing: Highly Harmful Audio Waves – Would be highlighting vulnerabilities in […]

Released JDownloaderPasswordDecryptor...

Released JDownloaderPasswordDecryptor v2.0 – Now Supports Latest JDownloader 2 Beta Version

Here is the delightful news for all JDownloader fans.  We have just released new version of JDownloader Password Decryptor v2.0 which supports password recovery from latest JDownloader 2 Beta edition. Over the last couple of months we have received numerous requests to support JDownloader 2 beta version. Some of them even sent us account config […]

Demystifying Compiler Optimization – ...

Demystifying Compiler Optimization – Difference between Visual C++ 2010 and Dev C++

I analyzed some simple source code examples running in visual C++ (without optimization option) and Dev C++. I saw that VC++ code is slightly optimized then DEV C++. The following code shows the difference between function calls on both the compilers. In visual C++: push eax mov ecx, [local.1] push ecx call F Dev C++: […]