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Advanced Malware Analysis Training Se...

Advanced Malware Analysis Training Session 1 – Detection & Removal of Malwares

Here is the quick update on this month’s Local Security meet (SX/Null/G4H/owasp) where Nagareshwar and Monnappa delivered an excellent session on how to remove and detect Malware with practical demonstrations. This is part of our FREE ‘Advanced Malware Analysis Training’ series started from Dec 2012. This session is the first one from our newly launched […]

Released New Tool – Linkedin Pa...

Released New Tool – Linkedin Password Decryptor

Linkedin Password Decryptor is the free tool to instantly recover Linkedin passwords from all the popular web browsers. Currently it supports Linkedin password recovery from following browsers Internet Explorer Firefox Google Chrome Flock Browser Apple Safari Opera Browser It has both GUI and command line interface. Command-line is useful for automation and will come handy […]

Reversing Training Session Part 12 &#...

Reversing Training Session Part 12 – Rootkit Analysis

Here is the quick update on this month’s Local Security meet (SX/Null/G4H/owasp) where Monnappa has delivered one of the best session of our entire series on ‘Rootkit Analysis’. This is part of our ongoing FREE ‘Reversing & Malware Analysis Training’ started since our Jan 2012. Monnappa delivered splendid session today. In this session, he talked […]

Released New Tool – FTP Passwor...

Released New Tool – FTP Password Kracker

Here comes our new tool – FTP Password Kracker – a free software to help you in recovering the lost FTP password. It uses universal FTP protocol and can recover password from any FTP server. Another cool feature is that it can auto detect Anonymous connections supported by the target FTP server. Also if your […]

Stealing iPhone Backups using Metaspl...

Stealing iPhone Backups using Metasploit

Introduction to iPhone Backups: iTunes is used to back up the iPhone data to a computer. iTunes backup makes a copy of everything on the device like contacts, SMS, photos, calendar, music, call logs, configuration files, database files, keychain, network settings, offline web application cache, safari bookmarks, cookies and application data, etc. It also backups […]

Released JDownloaderPasswordDecryptor...

Released JDownloaderPasswordDecryptor v2.0 – Now Supports Latest JDownloader 2 Beta Version

Here is the delightful news for all JDownloader fans.  We have just released new version of JDownloader Password Decryptor v2.0 which supports password recovery from latest JDownloader 2 Beta edition. Over the last couple of months we have received numerous requests to support JDownloader 2 beta version. Some of them even sent us account config […]

Released New Tool – Router Pass...

Released New Tool – Router Password Kracker

Here comes our 90th Free Tool – Router Password Kracker. It is free tool to quickly recover lost password from Router, Modem or Website protected with HTTP BASIC Authentication. It comes with simple and cool GUI interface making it easier for everyone from layman to expert. Also Penetration Testers and Forensic Investigators can find this […]

Released New Tool – Windows Pas...

Released New Tool – Windows Password Kracker

Windows Password Kracker is the free & easy to use tool to recover the Windows login password. It supports password recovery from both LM (LAN Manager) or NTLM (NT LAN Manager) hash. First you need to dump the password hashes from live or remote system using pwdump tool. Then feed the hash (LM/NTLM) for the […]

New Software – FireMasterCracke...

New Software – FireMasterCracker – GUI based Firefox Master Password Cracker

Since the release of FireMaster – First ever tool to recover Firefox Master Password – we have got number of requests to create GUI based version. These requests mainly came from users who were finding it difficult to use console based FireMaster with so many options. Today after 5 years,  we are glad to launch […]

New Tool – Instant PDF Password...

New Tool – Instant PDF Password Remover

Instant PDF Password Remover is the FREE tool to quickly remove Password of protected PDF file. It can remove both User and Owner password along with all PDF file restrictions such as Copying, Printing, Signing etc. These days we receive all kind of bills, bank statements protected with long and complex password. Forget about remembering […]

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