Nullcon Delhi 2012 – Final List of Speakers & Preview of Film “Reboot”

We are excited to announce the final list of speakers and events at nullcon Delhi 2012. We are also thrilled to screen the preview of Reboot. Our sincere thanks to Sidney Sherman and Joe kawasaki.

Some of the featured talks

  • Rahul Sasi – DTMF Fuzzing: Highly Harmful Audio Waves – Would be highlighting vulnerabilities in implementation of DTMF detection algorithms.
  • Michael Sutton & Pradeep Kulkarni – Opening the kimono: Automating behavioral analysis for mobile apps
  • Ravishankar Borgaonkar – Dirty use of USSD Codes in Cellular Network – Talks will cover how to play with USSD codes using femtocell architecture and exploit different services based on it.
  • Aditya Gupta  – Attacking Angry Birds : Mobile Malwares on the Rise Will be releasing  AFE (Android Framework for Exploitation).
  • Joerg Simon – Fedora Security Lab and OSSTMM
  • Prasad Kanagasabai – Penetrating SAP with IronSAP
  • Zoltan Hornak – How to develop and insecure product?
  • Riyaz Walikar – Poking servers with facebook (and other web apps)
  • Antriksh Shah – (Desi Jugaad talk) An app(le) a day keeps the wallet away
  • Neyolov Evgeny – Reverse engineering of fraudster brain
  • Ahamed Nafeez – alertt(/xss/) – How to catch an XSS before someone exploits/reports it?

Nullcon Delhi is a must attend for all those who share an interest in IT security. It is our endeavor to be continually delivering the best in IT Security. For more details please visit

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