Released ‘Hash Generator’ v1.5

Hash Generator is the FREE universal hash generator tool which automates the generation of 14 different type of hashes or checksums. It support most of the popular hashes including MD5 family, SHA family, BASE64, CRC32, ROT13, RIPEMD, ALDER32, HAVAL, WHIRLPOOL etc.


Current version v1.5 adds the shell context menu option which allows you to quickly generate hash for any file by simply right clicking on it and selecting ‘HashGenerator’ from the context menu. However you have to run HashGenerator atleast once on your system for ‘shell context menu’ to be installed.


HashGenerator is fully portable tool which can be directly run anywhere without installing locally. It also comes with Installer for those who wants to install it locally and use it on regular basis.

To try out on your own, visit Hash Generator

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