Facebook Photo Hack to Watch Anyone’s Private Album

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Facebook security and privacy has been much of concern since the early days and highly discussed topic over various news channels.
Now it has taken much bigger hit with the Facebook Founder Mark’s profile getting hacked. If that’s not enough now some user on Reddit has published Facebook hack to access anyone’s private album even though the target person is not friend.
Facebook by default prevents you from accessing anyone’s private pictures unless you are the friend. But this new Facebook Hack allows you to view anybody’s private pictures without any restrictions.
Here’s the picture posted on Reddit demonstrating entire steps

Facebook Hack - Click on the Image to see Larger View

Using this hack, people have even got hold of Mark Zuckerberg’s private photo gallary, Here’s one of them


So hurry up and grab that Forbidden Apple before Facebook security team blocks it down !

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  1. mohammad's Gravatar mohammad
    July 7, 2011    

    waw its god

  2. liscious's Gravatar liscious
    August 19, 2011    

    hi there this does not work for me
    when i right click image i dont get option to view image at all.
    will it work if i copy the image to my desktop. or is there another way.

  3. Jacob's Gravatar Jacob
    August 22, 2011    

    it doesn’t work anymore because when you go to the main targets page, it doesn’t even show the id number or the pid of the targetso it was patch.

  4. August 22, 2011    

    It has already been fixed up.

  5. RunningCat's Gravatar RunningCat
    August 27, 2011    

    Is there another way to view pictures? Becuase I know this one used to work for me before….

  6. MTBG112's Gravatar MTBG112
    September 6, 2011    

    Does it work now? The code is diffrent ….

  7. chris's Gravatar chris
    September 20, 2011    

    You can view the picture id by right clicking on it and open it on a new window/tab. But the coding format has changed and became much more complex… tried fiddling around with it with no results.

  8. Samiks's Gravatar Samiks
    March 19, 2012    

    Doesn’t work. i checked all the ways. If you know tell another one.

  9. Ashwin's Gravatar Ashwin
    July 4, 2012    

    can we see facebook account by using picture id
    give me solution

  10. poseoffice's Gravatar poseoffice
    March 25, 2013    

    New trick, u can thank me later

    1. For example facebook photo file name : 558232_271607686273286_1026728438_n
    2. Then copy the middle series of number : “271607686273286”
    3. Open your browser, type this on your address bar : faceb**k.com/people/#/
    4. Paste those damn numbers, ex : faceb**k.com/people/#/271607686273286
    5. At first, the page will be saying “Page Not Found”, but just wait and see your page will turn into facebook photo view.
    6. Happy stalking!

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